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Kink Bingo - Longer & Harder

It's that time again! [community profile] kink_bingo Round 6 kicked off last month for a special two-year edition. Sign up here to get your very own card and start churning out kinky goodness in your choice of medium. Remember: The more kink you put out, the more you will receive.

Here's my card, and oh my god, it's awesome! I can't wait to dig into this one:

uniforms / military kinkcrossdressingpicturesbondagecompetition
watersportssensory deprivationbreathplaypower exchangevanilla kink
dressuppenance / punishmentHOCKEY PADSmechanical / technologicalfoot fetish / shoe fetish
gangbangpainvoyeurismtattoos / tattooingsituational humiliation
sensation playrough body playpiercings / needleplaychastity deviceshypnosis / mind control
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