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Wet Hot Kinky Summer!

Today is the official start of Round 5 of the Kink-Bingo challenge! Sign up before October 15th to get your very own, one of-a-kind bingo card, and start working toward your bingo anyway you can. Fics, podfics, vids, baked goods, rec sets, and more; push your fannish skills to the max and create a bevy of kink-focused fanworks for the world to enjoy!

Over the next four months, I'll be working on my first bingo, somewhere on this card....

sex toys (non-penetrating)fucking machinesexposure / exhibitionismcrossdressingwatersports
anonymitycollarsmedical kinkvirginity / celibacyhumiliation (situational)
phonesex / epistolaryshaving / depilationSPANK
sensation play
dangerhypnosis / mind control
held downplushie or furry kinkwashing / cleaningnippleplay / tit torturesensory deprivation
masters doms slaves and subssleepy / unconsciouspegging / strap-onsbondage (other)silk velvet feathers furs
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