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Master Post: Diptych

Title: Diptych
Fandom: American Idol S8
Pairing: Kris Allen/Adam Lambert
Genre: Romance, Action, Criminal AU
Word Count: 42,000
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: stalking, violence, language
Disclaimer: No infringement on the rights of real people intended. Not profiting in any way.
Notes: Written for Round 2 of the kradambigbang challenge. All credit for the completion of this story goes to cinaea, for her ceaseless encouragement, nagging, and amazing beta work. Featuring jaw-dropping art by the incomparable katekat1010. I couldn't have asked for more perfect art for this story, believe it!

Summary: Adam Lambert may not have stolen the Matheron Diptych, but he's about to sell it on the black market for a nice profit. He's not going to let an FBI investigation get in his way...if he can just shake the agent who's shadowing his every move.

Special Agent Kris Allen has been watching Adam for weeks. But is Kris planning to arrest the glamorous art fence and retrieve the diptych? Or does he want more from Adam than just stolen merchandise?

When Kris saves Adam’s life, the line blurs between Fed and criminal. But while Kris melts at Adam's touch, someone far more dangerous is searching for the diptych….

Diptych Art by katekat1010

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Tags: american idol / glam rock rpf, big bang, diptych, fiction
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